The Polyfuze Team

Polymer Fusion Engineering Department

Jason Brownell

The Polyfuze Team - Jason Brownell
Jason is the Director of Engineering at Polyfuze. Specializing in the world’s only Fusion Labeling Technology solutions for Olefin based plastics, he has used his knowledge and experience in his field to provide excellent service for a variety of plastics industries for 25+ years. He has traveled to client facilities to provide hands-on training and strives to understand and develop strategies to help exceed his customers’ goals. Whether it’s helping them achieve a goal with brand image, scrap rate reduction, or increasing efficiency and profits, Jason is committed to helping people succeed. When he isn’t at work, he loves to spend time with his family, playing music on various instruments, and cooking.

Phone: 928-634-8888 ext. 156

Kamla Delahel

The Polyfuze Team - Kamla Delahel

Kamla has been with Polyfuze Graphics for six years. As a Polymer Fusion Engineering Technician, she uses her skills for solving the unique problems her customers have when it comes to permanent labeling for plastics. She is kind, resourceful, efficient, and an out of the box thinker. She loves using her skills to help her customers achieve their goals. She will diligently work hard to get your project up and running. She takes pride in her work and is a true Label Freak. When she isn’t at work, she can be found on the stands, cheering her heart out for her kids as they compete in football, basketball, soccer & track.

Phone:928-634-8888 ext. 164
Email kamladelahel@polyfuze.com

Pat Phillips

The Polyfuze Team - Pat Phillips

An expert in quality, processes, and efficiency offers a proven track record of success in identifying areas for improvement and formulating/executing initiatives that enhance operational, organizational, and system performance. Mentors, facilitate and train team members on the standards of lean principles, techniques, and methodologies.

Phone: 928-634-8888 ext. 153 Email: engineering@polyfuze.com

Customer Service

Noelle Daigle

The Polyfuze Team - Noelle Daigle
Being a granddaughter of MIGS founder, Michael Stevenson, Noël’s first job at MIGS was in distribution at age 16. After attending college, she moved home to help with the family business and has been serving in the roles of Polyfuze Customer Service, and Sales/Marketing Administrator for several years. She loves working for the family business, and uses her skills to help customers achieve their permanent labeling goals, and to help inform potential customers about her grandfathers breakthrough labeling technology through blog writing.

Phone: 928-634-8888 ext.184