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The Polyfuze Team - Jason Brownell

Jason Brownell

Director of Engineering

Phone: (928)-634-8888 ext. 156

The Polyfuze Team - Kamla Delahel

Kamla Delahel

Polymer Fusion Engineering Technician

Phone: (928)-634-8888 ext. 164

Nick Moldan - About Us - Polyfuze Fusion Technology For Labeling Polymers

Nick Moldan

Polymer Fusion Engineering Technician

International Phone: 33680674845

Shane Reeves

Polymer Fusion Engineering Aid

Phone: (928) 202-9681

The Polyfuze Team - Pat Phillips

Pat Phillips

Quality Engineering Manager

Phone: (928)-634-8888 ext. 153

The Polyfuze Team - Noelle Daigle

Noelle Daigle

Technical Writer & Content Leader

Phone: (928)-634-8888 ext. 184

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