Fusion Labeling

Fusion Labeling Technology overcomes the Nature of Polyolefin Plastic variations providing the only labeling solution guaranteed for life.

Compatibility Solves Labeling Problems!

No Adhesives, Substrates, Inks or Coatings.

100% compatible, pigmented polyolefin polymer developed by Polyfuze, applied onto PET film suspended in a “raw material” state until molecular fusion has taken place at application.


Molecular Fusion.

An Exclusive Yet Simple Solution!

Molecular Fusion is achieved by the application of a fusion labeling exclusive (450°F) and (75psi); increasing the temperature of the Polyfuze Raw Material Label and Polyolefin Product to the melting point of both causing a molecular fusion

Once the fusion process is complete, the two polyolefin materials have combined to form one piece of seamless and flush polyolefin plastic with no change in durability or structural integrity.


Incompatible Labeling Methods Create Problems

Adhesives and bonding technologies are incompatible with the nature of LSE polyolefin plastics which means they’re prevented from permanently adhering or bonding for long durations necessary for durable goods products.

Similar to Teflon™, these plastics are simultaneously & continuously opposing bonding & adhesion from these labeling methods leading to label failures that create problems.

Those problems lead to costs such as:
– Over Manufacturing
– Production Scrap
– Additional Materials & Secondary Labor
– Brand Identity Loss
– Safety/Warning Labeling Loss
– Consumer Safety Risks & “Failure To Warn”
– Asset Tracking Loss
– and more…

Compatible vs. Incompatible

Standard Equipment / Exceptional Results