Real Cost of In-Mold Labels

Noelle Daigle

Jan, 13 January, 2016

Do you remember the quote “time is money,” made famous by Benjamin Franklin? This statement definitely rings true when it comes to decorating injection molded plastics with an in-mold label.

In-mold labeling can adversely impact your cycle times, scrap rates and your overall production capacity. These are all things to keep into consideration before choosing in-mold labeling as your decorating method of choice. It is not just about the price of each individual graphic, it is about the bottom line and the hidden factors that can affect your over-all profit.

Have you thought about the production time and costs associated with processing an IML?

How about the role that scrap rates play into your profit?


Are you currently thinking about using in-mold labels and are you willing to invest in costly robotics?

To understand the true cost and efficiencies associated with decorating with IML’s, challenge yourself to take a look at the bottom line. It is our goal here at Polyfuze Graphic™s Corporation to provide our customers with the bigger picture and to assist them in increasing overall production capacity, in turn increasing profits. Please take the time to view this informational video and tune in to see how our Polyfuze graphics can do just that.

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