Pocket-Sized Game of Catch Is Flying Fast

If you are one to enjoy some outdoor fun with family or friends, playing catch, a round of Ultimate Frisbee, football, paddle ball or any object tossing sport, you have to take a look at this cool new game of catch that can fit easily in your pocket and can be thrown at fast-paced long distances with ease.

Recently, Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation provided its high quality permanent labeling technology for the pocket-sized and aerodynamic plastic discs from ZipChip Sports, called the ZipChip. This little ZipChip disc is getting a lot of play as it was designed to take anywhere to toss and zip it along for indoor or outdoor action. The very nature of this sporty little innovation lends itself to durability testing, being able to handle whatever you throw at it.

This was one of the main reasons that ZipChip Sports chose Polyfuze Graphics to help enhance its brand. Being made in the U.S.A. and taking pride in its quality process was a great choice to match up against for the Polyfuze Graphics labeling choice. They needed a simple but highly durable option to keep the ZipChip name on par, staying highly visible and flying above the rest to represent the quality they wanted to give to their customers.

Previous labeling options were not standing out for the ZipChip name, as engravings kept shape but were not very visible. Choosing a clean single color option from Polyfuze allowed the ZipChip name to really pop off the bright neon yellow TPE material. Grab one of these ZipChips and you will see what we mean about durability while you’re throwing the name around.

Team ZipChip stated “American made Polyfuze lives up to its name by truly fusing to our part.”
The Polyfuze Graphics team enjoys partnering up to new branding innovations and sharing that drive for quality with such products, especially ones like ZipChip that are just so darn fun to pick up and play with. Make sure you check out ZipChip Sports here, share their story and enjoy our new permanent branding technology from Polyfuze Graphics.

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