Labeling Waste, Recycling & Sanitation Polymers

A Proven Labeling Solution for Waste, Recycling & Sanitation

As a disruptive polymer technology company, Polyfuze provides advanced Fusion Labeling Technology for difficult to label polyolefin thermoplastics such as Polypropylene and Polyethylene which have largely replaced metal containers of the past for:

  • Curbside Roll-Out Carts
  • Medical Waste Containers
  • Recycling Bins
  • Hazardous Waste Carts
  • Dumpsters

Since 2013, Polyfuze has provided thousands of Fusion Labels to our partners throughout the Waste/Recycling/Sanitation supply chain. Roll-out cart manufacturers like 
Otto Environmental and Rehrig Pacific. Haulers like Groot, Trash Taxi and Patriot Waste, and municipalities such as Latrobe Pennsylvania and Midway City Sanitary District. Polyfuze Fusion Labeling is the world’s only solution for labeling these challenging olefin-based plastics with:

  • Recycle Only Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • Biohazard Labels
  • Brand Identity and Logo Labels
  • Barcode/Product Identification Labels

Fusion Labeling For Rubbermaid Commercial

Project Engineer - Rubbermaid Commercial

"Sure enough, we stamped the Polyfuze Label, then I took a knife to it and it was fuzed in there! That blew me away! You couldn't do that with a heat transfer...

I can say that our scrap rate, using Polyfuze versus heat transfers, is far less...Once you start using it, it sells itself."
Otto logo_C0M93Y95K0

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.

"Polyfuze has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers.

The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry."

Curtis Agius -Trash Taxi

"I have tried for years to get a multi -color permanent logos on our garbage totes.

Polyfuze helped us fulfill this need. Not only is our Trash Taxi logo in full color, but also permanently welded into the plastic of our cart.

Thank you Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation and Otto Environmental Systems for making this hope a reality."

Ken Robbins - Midway City Sanitary District

“Unfortunately, stickers would only last about a year and were very labor intensive. Not to mention wasted money and time to apply them in the first place only to have them fall off a year later.

Midway City Sanitary District stands for high quality, cost-effective service for their residents, and to help keep rates low, we rely on proper, permanent labeling to help customers place solid waste items in the correct containers."

Jay Eby - Patriot Disposal

“Not only are the carts aesthetically pleasing, it tells new consumers what we do and how to get a hold of us”.

Why do standard labels applied to polyolefin plastics like Polypropylene and Polyethylene used in waste bins and roll-out carts not meet 10+ year durability requirements? Because like Teflon®, nothing wants to stick to them.

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology

Different from standard Adhesion Label Technologies where the primary action is surface adhesion of two different materials attempting to glue together, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology is at the molecular level creating one piece of fused inseparable Olefin plastic.

How Does It Work?

Pigmented Polymer (Fusion Label) is molecularly fused to Olefinic Plastic (Product) using heat/pressure via standard Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer / VersaFlex Technology.

The fusion reaction takes place quickly during this process resulting in the two plastics coming together (Melting/Joining) and then quickly cooling once complete.

Harsh Environments Destroy Standard Labels

When exposed to UV, moisture, heat, cold, chemicals and outdoor environmental attack, standard labeling doesn’t meet demand.

Adhesive based labeling doesn’t stick, hot stamp foils chalk and wash away, and IML’s break down and fall apart leaving Haulers and Municipals with labeling that doesn’t meet 10+ year durability requirements.

Only Fusion Labeling Technology can fiz these problems shown and ensures Haulers, Municipals and Manufacturers a labeling solution guaranteed to be as durable as the waste bins and containers they’re applied to exceeding 10 years of use while being fully recyclable at product end of life.


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