What Is Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology?

Polyfuze 101: Labeling Overview

Jason Brownell walks you through the application and durability when working with Polyfuze Labeling on standard hot stamp equipment.

VersaFlex System

A Unique Machine and Heating Element That Allows Labeling of Round, Hollow, or Difficult Surfaces.

How Fusion Labeling Works

Different from standard Adhesion Labeling where two different materials attempting to glue together, Polymer Fusion Labeling is at the molecular level creating one piece of fused inseparable olefin plastic.

What Is Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology?

3 Stage Permanency Test

The Toughest consecutive Tests for a Label on a LSE Plastic like Polyethylene/ Polypropylene. The test will include pressure washing, exposure to harsh chemicals, and multiple cross hatch tape test.

Side By Side Testing

Polyfuze fusion technology vs other labels methods. See the difference in durability because the label is now part of the plastic vs just being stuck on by an adhesive.

The Polyfuze Difference

The Differences Between Polyfuze and Other Labeling Methods.

Put simply, “it actually works”. Nothing wants to stick and we don’t either we fuse! We are a thin layer of plastic that we put it in contact with the plastic part and fused under 450 Degrees!

How Other Labels Are Constructed Is Why They Will Never Work!

A 3D modeling video on different types of labeling methods construction material vs Polyfuze and why only Fusion Labeling Technology can only be the permanent Solution.

The Secret Behind Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology!

The Polyfuze label is the missing puzzle piece because it contains the same molecular structure as your plastic product. the Polyfuze label is made of a polymer based material, so they fuse into a single item.

The Real Costs Of Other Labeling Methods

Real Cost of Foil

Foil is a very cheap option up front. But look further if you have a high scrap rate? The cost starts to build with new resin, labor, regrinding, production yeild!?

Real Cost of IMLs

Cost up front is usually the same… but Polyfuze doesn’t increase cycle time! It decreases by 6% which means higher production yeild ( Parts made)

Real Cost of Heat Transfers

Price can be similar between both! But if a heat transfer has a 10% scrap rate and Polyfuze next to 1% Scrap rate…. Heat Transfers will cost more overtime

Setup & Troubleshooting Videos

Using Fixtures

How to setup a Fixture to your machine when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastic durable goods.

Mounting Dies

How to mount dies to your machine when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastic durable goods.

Mounting Rolls of Graphics

How to mount rolls of graphics onto the machine when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastic durable goods.

Threading The Graphics

How to thead the roll of graphics through the machine when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastic durable goods.

Identifying Rollers

How to identify rollers when setting up your machine for applying the Polyfuze Graphics for plastic durable goods.

Adjusting Photo Eyes

How to adjust Photo eyes when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastics durable goods.

Control Box Settings

How to setup control box settings when applying Polyfuze Graphics to plastic durable goods.

Proofing Your Artwork

Video guide on how to proof Polyfuze Graphics artwork

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