Brand Success For Plastic Durable Goods Starts With An Amazingly Durable Label!

Polyfuze Graphics®: New VersaFlex Labeling System. It's What The Plastics Industry Has Been Waiting For.

The VersaFlex Labeling System - From Polyfuze Graphics

The most versatile and permanent way to label LSE polyolefin durable goods.

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Plastics Are Hard to Decorate

Don't be fooled by stickers, decals, hot stamps, IML's or other labels that say they can PERMANENTLY label those plastics...they're lying.
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Made For Flat, Curved or Multi-Shaped LSE Parts

The VersaFlex System can permanently fuze a Polyfuze label into polyolefin parts that are challenging to decorate.

VersaFlex Saves Time, Money & Scrap

Using one label once and not having to replace it from failure means the Polyfuze helps protect from litigous risks, saves time, reduces scrap and increases profits.
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Polyfuze Heat-Melded Durability Exceeds IML's, Stickers, Foils & More

It's the only Pure Fusion labeling method in the world for LSE polyolefin plastics.

Heat-Melding = An Unbreakable Chain

The Polyfuze label technology undergoes pure fusion of automotive high-grade pigmented polymer (a proprietary formulation) that melds into your part to become one.
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