Try to “Curb” Your Enthusiasm After Reading This…

Don’t You Wish All Trash Hauling Carts Looked So Good?

It’s the goal of waste industry professionals and public municipalities to produce or purchase carts that are easy to handle, yet at the same time, carts that are capable of enduring heavy abuse. It’s an even harder task to accomplish this while maintaining aesthetically pleasing decoration for the long term.

What makes a cart aesthetically pleasing? For one, having your company logo or municipal seal on your cart is a huge plus. For so many years the waste industry has been limited to using a one color (usually white) foil hot stamp. Problem is, foil simply does not hold up to environmental factors and outdoor elements long term. Foil hot stamps chalk off and start to fade over a short amount of time, in the event removing companies branding, even leaving the truck operator questioning whether or not the can even belongs to his company which can impede pickup on collection day.

With that being said, what if you could actually have a company logo or municipal seal that is multi-colored and offers eye catching branding to market your company? Polyfuze Graphics™ make that possible! We understand that brand recognition plays a huge role in building your brand name, and also how important your logo is in the process of consumer decision making regarding which company to trust with their business.

Public municipalities have increasingly become more culturally defined and are currently in the process of adapting that concept into redesigning their city seals/logos, displaying these prominently throughout the city. One facet where this would be a great asset is on the municipal waste carts, that sit on every street during pick up day. What better way to brand your city’s pride than with a city seal/logo that is vibrantly multi-colored, a permanent graphic for the life of the cart, and is also 100% recyclable!

The Polyfuze graphic is unique because it is comprised of pigmented plastics, instead of traditional inks. Traditional ink methods of decoration degrade over time and fade under weathering and environmental elements. Traditional inks can also be removed with various solvents, chemicals and pressure washing, where as Polyfuze Graphics™ literally become “one” with the plastic cart after application and are impervious to removal.

So don’t settle for a single color hot stamp foil company logo or municipal seal. At Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation we are proud to offer a cost competitive alternative, that allows municipalities and waste haulers to brand their carts with pride.

  • Polyfuze offers single or multi-colored (fine line detail) graphics.
  • Polyfuze is applied using standard hot stamp equipment.
  • Polyfuze graphics are polymer based so they are 100% recyclable.