TRASH TALK – Ground Breaking Technology for Waste / Recycling Haulers!

Anyone who has ever seen a residential roll-out waste or recycling cart that has been in the field for several months understands how exterior decorations can deteriorate when using traditional decorating methods such as in-mold labels (IMLs), heat transfers, hot stamp foils or pad printing. In one case, the owner of a waste hauling company told us that his exterior graphics had faded so much that he was no longer able to read his brand name or even identify which carts were his.

This experience is not an isolated incident among companies in the waste/recycling industry. Most companies believe their options are limited to single color decoration methods and/or decoration methods that are not 100% permanent and will fade or degrade over time.

Below are examples of roll-out carts decorated with Polyfuze™:

When the above mentioned owner recognized that there was an alternative to the traditional decorating methods on the market today, producing permanent, high quality, multi-colored detailing, he had his supplier make the switch to Polyfuze™ Graphics.

Our new innovative polyethylene fused graphics technology, Polyfuze, is a permanent branding option for decorating roll-out carts and recycling containers. Our Polyfuze Graphics are comprised of pigmented plastics, not inks, and are specifically manufactured for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.

Unlike other topical decorating methods that utilize adhesives, substrates or coatings, such as in mold labels, heat transfers or stickers, Polyfuze Graphics, when applied using heat and pressure, become “fused/welded” into the cart itself, becoming a permanent part of the cart for life.

Beyond the benefits of having a multi-color, permanent graphic for waste and recycling haulers, municipalities and roll-out cart manufacturers, the Polyfuze Graphic offers additional benefits including:

  • Polyfuze Graphics can be applied with standard hot stamping equipment (no need for robotics).
  • Polyfuze Graphics apply quickly. In some cases users of the Polyfuze Graphic experience a cycle-time of less than 0.5 of a second.
  • Polyfuze Graphics are 100% recyclable.
  • Polyfuze Graphics are 100% Made in the USA.

Polyfuze Graphics are the only truly 100% permanent, multi-color decoration for curbside waste and recycling containers. If you are purchasing carts this year, include Polyfuze Graphics in your bid process.