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Polyfuze Graphics To Date

July 2012 – First Shipments of Polyfuze Graphics

The first shipments of Polyfuze Graphics orders were started!

July 2012 – Unarco’s Shopping Cart Warning Labels Created

Unarco's design for shopping cart warning labels partnered up to utilize Polyfuze Graphics technology for its polyethylene plastics labeling. Read More

August 2012 – Rehrig Pacific Company Labeling

Rehrig Pacific Company partners with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for their company logo, starting a new enhanced plastics labeling experience. Read More

October 2012 – New Pepsi Crates Completed

Rehrig Pacific Company partnered up again with Polyfuze in October of 2012 to finish it's durable labeling on cool new Pepsi beverage crates, which included product traceability features. Read More