The Aha Moment… Understanding Permanent Decoration for Plastics

Aha moment. Eureka moment. Lightbulb moment. Call it what you will, we’ve all had them. But what does it look like to someone watching or sound like to someone observing them? Maybe an eyebrow raise, a glimmer in their eye, a sigh of relief…I’ve seen them all and that’s what I’m looking and listening for. This is the moment when someone is introduced to our unique technology and they understand how and why it works.

At first glance, it looks like a heat transfer but it’s vastly different. Heat transfers stick using adhesive, Polyfuze Graphics™ fuse into the resin becoming one piece of plastic. (Insert eyebrow raise here).

Polyfuze graphics can be very forgiving to uneven wall thicknesses. Our graphics only require 75psi of force to fuse into the plastic. We can also dial back the air pressure on the hot stamp machine and simply make contact and the fusion between the graphic and the part is complete. With the right air pressure setting, you can literally stamp a 1/8” thick part and 1/2” thick part with the same setup. (Sigh of relief goes here because it could lead to reduced scrap).

Oh, and let’s not forget the durability. Not only can you now add multiple colors to your decoration process, but you can do so with the most durable decorating solution for PE and PP.

We are not “sticking” to the part, we are fusing. A Polyfuze graphic is pigmented plastic, not ink. Time, Heat, and Pressure fuse the Polyfuze Graphic to your PE/PP part. (Glimmer in the eye goes here knowing that you have a durable solution for PE/PP).

Is it as low cost as hot stamp foil? No. Pad printing? No. Is it limited to single color like foil? No.

Does it come off the part like foil or pad printing? No. You can’t even compare them. They are such different solutions and only Polyfuze graphics offers technology that fuses into the plastic.

A Polyfuze graphic is competitively priced. Similar to what you find in other multiple color applications such as stickers, IML’s, and heat transfers.

If your part is a durable product that needs a long-term solution, you have found the right supplier! (Another sigh of relief goes here).

If you have yet to discover your “Aha Moment” with Polyfuze Graphics technology and want to learn more, contact us here.