Webinar for New Technology to Permanently Decorate Injection Molded PE & PP

Although many in the plastics industry have yet to learn about it, a new branding technology for decorating injection molded polyolefins was recently developed called “Polyethylene Fused Graphics”.

To help the industry better understand this unique decorating method, Jason Brownell of Polyfuze Graphics Corporation will conduct a series of technical webinars during each month of 2015 to provide information and instruction about their new Polyethylene Fuzed Graphics product called Polyfuze.

Jason Brownell has worked in several different capacities during his 21+ years in the industry. These positions include Art Director, Production Scheduling and Sales. In addition to his knowledge of Polyfuze Graphic technology, Jason draws upon expertise in the areas of graphic manufacturing and application processes.

When asked about the upcoming webinar Jason commented, “Polyfuze is not the reformulation of old technology. Instead it’s an all new decorating method which addresses and solves a number of issues associated with all other previous decorating methods.”
If you are interested in a webinar specifically for your company, please contact Polyfuze Graphics Corporation here.