Meet Our Team – Experts in Permanent Graphics for Injection Molded Products

Jason Brownell
Jason BrownellSenior Director Brand Specialist
Jason Brownell has worked in several different capacities during his 19+ years with Polyfuze Graphics® Corp. These positions included Art Director and Scheduling Coordinator and Sales. He draws upon his expertise in the areas of bar coding, printing processes, hot stamping and graphic arts.
Kamla Delahel
Kamla DelahelBrand Specialist
Kamla has progressed with the Polyfuze Graphics® team while being able to quickly draw out solutions for molders being challenged with PE/PP branding. She works quickly to inform our customers about the difference between Polyfuze technology and other methods to help them get up and running quickly with Polyfuze Graphics.

Our Valuable Team Members

Nick Moldan
Nick MoldanBrand Specialist
Nick Moldan is a Independent Sales Representative and is responsible for sales in the Australasian, African, Middle Eastern and European regions. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Nick has spent most of his working career in the chemical and plastic industries. His expertise will ensure that your Polyfuze Graphics™ project gets up and running smoothly.