Team Polyfuze – NPE2015 Day 2

Following a solid showing on day 1, the Polyfuze Graphics Team had another great day at the 2015 NPE Show in Orlando, Florida. Show attendance increased sharply today as plastic industry professionals continue to arrive from around the world.

Highlight of the day was Jason Brownell who delivered a presentation at The Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC Technical Plastic Conference. As part of the presentation, Jason took questions from the audience and helped attendees better understand the technology & benefits related to the Polyfuze Graphic.

Prior to his ANTEC presentation, Jason spent the entire day speaking with hundreds of show attendees. When asked to comment Jason said, “Many people walk up to our booth thinking Polyfuze is a heat transfer or hot stamp. Most don’t know that there is a totally new method for decorating injection molded plastic called “Polyethylene Fuzed Graphics”. One of the highlights for me this week has been introducing industry veterans to this new and superior method for decorating injection molded polyethylene and polypropylene. 100% of the people who take the time to understand our technology recognize the many benefits we offer.” Jason also said “Being able to demonstrate live right here in the booth really brings this technology home for everyone who sees it. I get to see that light bulb moment go off as they realize how different this technology is from everything else they are used to seeing.”

On display in the Polyfuze Graphic Corporation NPE Show booth this year are a number of real-world samples which include reusable packaging products, injection molded household items and rollout carts from the waste & recycling industry. The show continues through Friday March 27.

Standby for additional updates as they occur.