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If you need assistance with the branding process for your injection molded plastics, you have come to the right place. We’ve made it easy to help yourself with our extensive FAQ, helpful Guidelines, and supportive Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation team.

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  • Please submit artwork in a vector based image format to ensure clean lines and quality conversion. If you cannot submit your artwork in vector format, please submit artwork in the highest quality /resolution format as possible, preferably to 300 dpi and close to possible as the scale sizing that you will require the finished product to be.
  • Submitting in vector format helps to ensure scaling to size as necessary and ensures higher quality. Please note, that if we are converting the format of your graphic or creating the artwork from a lower quality submitted file, there may be some differences in end product, so please submit in highest quality as possible.
  • Also, please include any color formulas or Color chips to be used as a guide line for our formulations of color. Any Pantone colors or CMYK formulas will help our process to match what you need.
  • You can submit artwork in either a “.AI” or “.EPS” file format.

If your artwork is a lower resolution / lower quality scanned image or jpeg, gif or png format, we will have to rework your artwork to ensure the highest quality for our process, and note there maybe some subtle differences between art submitted and final approved graphic.

We ensure through our process that you will be pleased with the end result of your artwork and the quality that our Polyfuze Graphic can achieve.

Applying Polyfuze Graphics™ to PP and PE components is similar to hot stamping and heat transfer decorating. The combination of pressure, temperature and dwell is required to transfer an image from a carrier to a part. These three components are interdependent and a change in any one of them, may affect success or failure in the application process. Please contact us at (928) 634-8888 for any questions or issues.

Please download the Polyfuze Graphics Setup Instructions Here.

A few notes before you start stamping:

  1. Make sure the face of your silicone rubber die is at least 450-460°F and clean from all debris.
  2. Make sure your tooling is lined up with the application die and everything is
    bolted tight.
  3. Make sure the Polyfuze Graphics™ are tracking straight through the press.
  4. The stripper rollers should have the film approximately 1/2” below the die face.
  5. Make sure the right air pressure is set for the size of graphic that you are stamping.
  6. Set dwell time and make sure the HEAD-UP delay is on.
  7. Check all safety devices on the press.

Remember: When molding a plastic part, the molding press must lock up solid to make a good part. The same is required when decorating that part, it must be fully supported and solid.

Determining What is a Good Application:

To determine if the graphics have been applied properly there are a few tests that
can be done after the part cools.

  1. Visual Inspection. Was all of the graphic applied and is it straight with no wavy
    lines? Do you see an impression from the die showing the melt line around the
    graphic? This is our Quality Control mark. When you see this mark you know that
    the graphic is fused into the part.
  2. Touch Test. Run your finger across the graphic. Does it feel like it is on top of the
    plastic? Polyfuze Graphics™ are designed to fuse into the plastic. The surface
    should feel smooth depending on the base material.
  3. Scratch Test. If the graphic scratches o easily with a fingernail, it isn’t fused.
    However, if you dig at it to remove it, and damage the part in doing so, it’s fused.
  4. ASTM D3359-09 Crosshatch Tape Test. Score the graphic with a knife into
    1/8” squares. Apply Scotch 893 tape over the crosshatch pressing firmly. Peel the
    tape o perpendicular to the graphic and inspect for any graphic on the tape.

For any additional help or concerns in starting your Polyfuze Graphics™ decorating, please contact Jason Brownell, VP, Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation @ (928) 634-8888 ext. 156