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Rubbermaid Commercial Products

What if Rubbermaid had remained skeptical that their multi-color brand logo could ever be permanently applied to their products manufactured from low surface energy polyolefin plastics?

After two process engineers saw the data from the Polyfuze trials, their solution became abundantly clear!

“We Take Pride in The Quality of Every Product Behind Our Shield.”

That’s the prominent mission statement, front and center, on Rubbermaid Commercial’s website.

Three simple colors that are instantly recognizable to everyone, especially those within the cleaning industry.

It’s easy to speculate that most products manufactured globally by Newell Brand Rubbermaid Commercial are made from low surface energy (LSE) polyolefin plastics. As one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning products, Rubbermaid chose LSE polyolefins because of their durability, as well as solvent and chemical resistant traits. However, there is one important downside. Being solvent and chemically resistant makes these plastics impossible to decorate permanently with any other labeling methods.

For Rubbermaid, labeling operations consisted of hot-stamping colored foils onto their polyolefin plastic products. Not only are they not permanent, but large amounts of scrap are created during the second and third color applications. Switching to multi-color heat transfers only compounded the issues, since heat transfers require a tightly controlled environment for application in order to be successful. Thus, even higher scrap rates ensued.

Frustration with labeling the Husky logo onto the side of the LSE Structural Polyolefin Foam carts contracted for Home Depot is what initially got the ball rolling with Polyfuze, because it was the only label that was able to be successfully applied to this even harder-to-decorate surface.

That project continued with Rubbermaid requesting a multi-color label that permanently represented their Brand Image on many of their product lines. The result was a large reduction in scrap, significant savings, and millions of beautiful multi-colored permanent labels that are guaranteed for the life of the 35+ product lines we’ve collaborated on with Rubbermaid.

Polyfuze is proud to be a supporter of Rubbermaid Commercial Brand.