Fusion Labeling Technology Webinar for Automotive Plastics

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General Motors Inc.

What if GM couldn’t find a label that would pass their GMW 14445 Engineering Standard when applied to low surface energy polyolefin plastics? They couldn’t… until they tried Polyfuze!

Low surface energy (LSE) polyolefin plastics make up roughly 32% of the 66% of plastics used in automobile manufacturing today, both for parts found under-the-hood, as well as inside the cabin. Seated right next to Teflon on the LSE scale, these plastics are very difficult to decorate, especially when permanency and durability are desired.

In 2017, the engineering department at General Motors contacted Polyfuze Brand Specialists with a problem they were struggling to resolve. An interior heat transfer warning label was delaminating due to sunscreen and insect repellent vapors transferring from customers’ cell phones onto the thermoplastic olefin wireless cell phone charging pads, which are used in a wide variety of their automotive brands and models. Label failures frequently left customers without crucial warning information and placed GM at potential litigious risk.

While GM was initially searching for a label that could meet their GMW 14445 Sunscreen and Insect Repellant Resistance test, they found that Polyfuze Graphics Corporation provided a truly permanent label that easily surpassed their requirements, while simultaneously exceeding their GMW 14573 standard, which mandated that “the target life of the labels shall be minimum 15 years for all regulated permanent labels.”

Since every Polyfuze label comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for the intended life-use of the polyolefin product it’s applied to, it meant that for GM, this particular Polyfuze Warning Label will remain in place no matter what it’s exposed to for the entire lifespan of each make and model vehicle they manufacture.

It also means that a Polyfuze label, when applied to any LSE polyolefin plastics for automotive applications, will exceed every permanence mandate as prescribed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and Code of Federal Regulations along every automotive OEM’s stringent internal standards for permanence and longevity.

Polyfuze is proud to be a supporter of the 17+ models, 13+ Tier 1’s, and well over a million labels supplied under the General Motors brand name developed daily.

Polyfuze is also proud to consistently receive 100% Supplier Performance Reporting for Quality, Delivery, Documentation, and Warranty from the Tier 1 suppliers to GM.