SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE – Polyfuze™ Graphics Corporation Launches 2015 Webinar Series

Polyfuze™ Graphics Corporation is a company committed to the development of innovative technology for the decoration of injection molded Polyolefin based products.

Beyond bringing new ideas to life, comes the responsibility of educating the plastics decorating industry on their new technology. On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, professionals from varied plastic industries participated in a 30 minute webinar hosted by Polyfuze Graphics Corporation and presented by Jason Brownell, VP. The intent of this webinar was to inform registrants on a new plastic decorating method known as Polyethylene Fuzed Graphics, as well as their new graphic known as Polyfuze™.

Construction of the Polyfuze™ Graphic is different than any other decorating method on the market today, as it comprised of pigmented plastic, not ink. Alternative decorating methods, in example, In Mold Labels, Heat Transfers, Hot Stamp Foils, Pad Printing, Screen Printing and Stickers are inked based, topical methods which attempt to “stick” to the surface of Polyolefins.

Though Polyfuze Graphics are applied with standard hot stamp equipment, the similarity ends there. With a combination of heat and pressure Polyfuze Graphics literally become “fused” or “welded” into the injection molded polyethylene or polypropylene part during the application process.

Within the webinar participants gained knowledge of how the Polyfuze Graphic fuses on a molecular level, as well as, Polyfuze Graphics capabilities and application parameters. These capabilities include:

  • Multi-color fine line detailing
  • 100% recyclable
  • UV, acid, chemical, petroleum and weather resistant

Polyfuze™ Graphics Corporation Launches Webinar Series

These webinars offer an all-encompassing presentation of this exciting new technology. Please join us by registering at the link below.
Polyethylene fuzed graphic technology is the ideal application for a variety of industries, including:

  • Shopping Cart Industry
  • Waste Industry
  • Lawn and Garden Industry
  • Reusable Packaging Industry
  • Retail/Consumer Products Industry
  • Medical Industry

Learn how Polyfuze  innovative technology can permanently brand your company products for life. Please join us for the next Polyfuze™ Webinar here.