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New Video and Live April Webinar from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation

Following a successful reception at the NPE2015 Show in Orlando, Florida last week, we are thrilled to have so many companies reaching out to inquire about our unique technology for decorating injection molded polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). The Polyfuze graphic is new technology within the plastics industry, so to help clarify how the decorating method works we are continually working to provide educational opportunities.

New animated video which compares the application and durability benefits of Polyfuze technology to hot stamp foil, heat transfer and in mold labels (IML’s)

Our 2015 Webinar Series continues this education effort once a month. This series is hosted by Jason Brownell, VP Polyfuze Manager, and provides in-depth detail about The Polyfuze Graphic. In addition to live application and durability testing, Jason will take questions from the audience regarding Polyfuze and anything else related to the decoration of injection molded PE and PP.[/tagline_box][fusion_text]If we missed you during the NPE Show, please contact us at the link below to learn about Polyethylene Fuzed Graphics, which was recently acknowledged in the plastics industry as a new decorating method for polyolefins.

  • Feature article about Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation in the Plastics News Show Daily!
  • Jason Brownell provided a great presentation at ANTEC.
  • Hundreds of visitors from around the globe including major plastic brands and injection molders, countless companies in the Reusable Packaging Industry, Lawn & Garden Industry, Waste & Recycling Industry and Retail/Consumer Products Industry, all of which learned how innovative Polyfuze Graphic technology can permanently brand their products for life.