Fusion Labeling For Reusable Packaging & Commercial Polymers

Helps Asset Tracking & Exceeds 5 Year Service Life.

Proven Reusable Packaging & Commercial Labeling Solutions

As a disruptive polymer technology company, Polyfuze provides advanced Fusion Labeling Technology for polyolefins like Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Structural Foam for reusable packaging and commercial products such as:

  • Supply Chain Pallets
  • Nestable Totes
  • Beverage Crates
  • Baking Trays
  • Produce Bins
  • Produce Bins and Food Service Items
  • Food Service Items

Polyfuze labeling has played an important role in these products, working with companies such as Rehrig Pacific, Kroger, Unarco, Monoflo, Scenic Road, and S & A Molders. Since it is the only Fusion Labeling Technology in the world that is compatible to be truly permanent, durable and fused into hard-to-decorate polyolefins, this means that it won’t fail when other label methods do from in-the-field conditions like UV and weather, cleaning or chemical exposures.

Polyfuze Fusion Labeling For Reusable Packaging & Commercial Polymers​

Why do standard labels applied to polyolefin plastics like Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Structural Foam used in Outdoor Power Equipment components not meet OEM and Industry label requirements? Because like Teflon®, nothing wants to stick to them.

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology

Different from standard Adhesion Label Technologies where the primary action is surface adhesion of two different materials attempting to glue together, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology is at the molecular level creating one piece of fused inseparable Olefin plastic.

How Does It Work?

Pigmented Polymer (Fusion Label) is molecularly fused to Olefinic Plastic (Product) using heat/pressure via standard Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer / VersaFlex Technology.

The fusion reaction takes place quickly during this process resulting in the two plastics coming together (Melting/Joining) and then quickly cooling once complete.

Plastic's Big Role Across Reusable Packaging

Plastics play a very important role in the preparation, growth, harvesting, delivery and shopping of food that most people don’t really understand or grasp.

Fully recyclable polyolefin plastics are utilized every day by OEM’s to make tractors lighter and more fuel efficient, water and sprayer tanks more durable, hydroponic/aeroponic growing systems easier to manufacture, and produce totes, bakery trays, milk and beverage crates re-useable and returnable to help keep their costs down which in turn keeps our costs down.

Polyolefin plastics are also used in the shopping carts we use to hunt and gather as we make our way through the isles at our local grocery or retail store.


Heavy Composites & Metals Replaced By Durable Polyolefins

Industrial Designers and Engineers chose these plastics specifically for their ability to stand up against chemicals, various harsh environments and heavy impacts while lasting 10 years or more, the normal life expectancy for most of these products.

The resistant nature of LSE polyolefin plastics makes them the perfect plastic for these types of products that must endure all types of abuses. But ironically, it’s that same resistant nature that keeps labels from sticking or bonding to the surface. That means Brands names, logos, and safety/warning labels have no chance to endure once they get past the initial decorative process at the factory and are introduced into the real world.


100% Recycable

When end of life comes and it’s time to recycle, there’s no labels to remove that only becomes waste on the ground or landfill because Polyfuze labels are 100% recyclable, just like the LSE polyolefin plastics they’re seamlessly fused to

Theft of Beverage Crates

Did you know that polyolefin plastic theft of returnable/re-usable bakery, milk, produce and beverage crates is BIG Business for recycling thieves? Millions of dollars are lost to theft every year, a cost that eventually gets passed along to the consumer.

Supply Chain Goods Require Permanent Labeling

Re-usable & returnable beverage crates, baking trays, produce crates, supply chain pallets, food service items, water tanks and more need permanent Brands names, warning labels and shipping/tracking information that can endure the constant abuse of impacts, abrasion, pressure washing, cleaning chemicals, dishwashing cycles, various UV and moisture environments including contact with fuels, oils and other chemicals. We can tell you with confidence that there is no method of labeling today that can survive this magnitude of abuse whether it’s pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot stamp foil, heat transfer or in mold label (IML), even if they’re called permanent.

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What Reusable Packaging Customers Are Saying


Terri Roe - Rehrig Pacific Company

"Thank you for all of your help with updates and juggling production around to help our Kenosha crew."

Shawna Kern - Monoflo International Inc.

"Oh you guys have made my day!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!"

Angela Lavric - Saeplast America Inc.

“A High value partner! Glad we do business together, and you help us permanently identify/brand our products in the field."
Fusion Technology Case Studies​

Unarco Industries

"Polyfuze gave us the multi-color permanent label we needed to meet CPSIA safety regulations with the durability that will last for Kroger."

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