Reimagine Your Municipal Branding

Cities and various government agencies continue to explore the world of municipal branding and marketing from various avenues. What better way to reimagine city branding, than to have your single or multi-colored city seal or municipal logo, permanently branded on every waste or recycling cart that currently takes residence curbside within your community. For decades, cities and other government agencies have used their seals and logos as canvases to illustrate symbolism of various historical, geographical or agricultural attributes that make their “home” unique. From sea to shining sea, every town, city and state proudly boasts unique history and lands and these stories are conveyed through their seals and logos.

Do you have a multi-colored city seal or a single color seal with fine line detailing?

Do your current white foil decorated waste and recycling carts chalk and fail in the field under environmental elements and routine cleaning maintenance? Or does decorating with foil prevent you from obtaining your traditional seal due to the fine line detailing it requires?

At Polyfuze Graphics™ we have reimagined our graphics, so you can reimagine your branding. We offer single and multi-colored, permanent, UV stabilized, polyethylene fused graphics for your waste and recycling carts. You can now proudly display your municipal seal or logo, while leaving your chalking, white foil cans a thing of the past. We can also work with your Public Works and Sanitation Departments prior to the RFP bid process, as well as your manufacturer(s) of choice, to supply any information or pricing. Please contact our Polyfuze Graphics™ team today to ask how you too can permanently brand your waste and recycling carts with a graphic that will proudly display your city or municipal seal or logo.

Let us work with your Public Works and Sanitation Departments prior to your RFP bid process to spec in a permanent, single or multi-colored graphic for the side of your waste and recycling cans with the manufacturer of your choosing.

Did I mention we’re permanent?