Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation Delivers Quality & Compliance for Decorating PE & PP

Polyfuze Graphics™ Quality:

For over 30 years, we have been innovating products that are used to decorate PE & PP plastics, including the Polyfuze Graphic which is made for the permanent branding of injection molded plastics. We researched and developed our Polyfuze Graphics to outperform and outlast a IML, foil, decal, sticker, heat transfer and pad printed label for polyethylene or polypropylene.

Our polymer-based graphic technology uses:

  • High quality, automotive grade pigments to achieve stunning results for any industry
  • Single or Multi-Color graphics to retain brand recognition
  • Fine Line detailing to brand more complex artwork even at small sizes
  • UV, acid, chemical, petroleum and weather resistant materials*

Polyfuze Graphics™ Compliance:

Our development of the Polyfuze Graphic was also built with regulatory and compliance issues in mind.

Many commercial or publicly handled products may contain some kind of warning label or cautionary sign that must depict a necessary verbiage on a portion of the plastic product in a permanent manner. The problem is that the majority of these warning labels or cautionary signs may have been applied with an IML, decal, foil, sticker, heat transfer or pad printed label. Those other methods of decorating PE or PP do not withstand regular weathering and usage and they will degrade, tear off or eventually fade.

When a non-permanent method of branding is used for regulatory statements or compliance, and it fails to retain the intended cautionary statement, it lends itself to the end-user as risk of misusing or mishandling of that product. The result of misuse or mishandling may lead to a personal injury or possibly even death.

The result of such a choice to use other decorating methods for these types of plastic branding requirements can ultimately lead to a failure of compliance and possible law-suiting situations that could have been avoided otherwise.

For example, in the shopping cart industry there have been regulations stated that must be adhered to for maintaining safety and operational procedures for when a child is placed into a shopping cart, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Labeling requirements for shopping carts and restraint systems must also be met and must pass certain test methods, as stated by the ASTM International Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Shopping Carts.

In development of our Polyfuze Graphics as an alternate decorating method for injection molded plastic products, we have put focus into having our graphics be able to pass the tests of the standards and compliance rules for this and many other plastics industries.

Our Polyfuze Graphics have passed the D3359-09 Tape Test for measuring adhesion and several other tests for UV stability, acid and chemical resistance, petroleum, weathering, impact resistance and more. View our test results here.

If you are involved in manufacturing warning signs or cautionary statements for any polyethylene or polypropylene product, we would like to help your decorating process to retain it’s compliance and avoid any legal misfortunes that can ultimately lead to a brand recognition failure and profit loss. View how our Polyfuze Graphics work here or contact us today.