ProTecBar Solutions For Damaged Door Handles

Have you ever walked into the entrance of a business and noticed scuffed metal door handles, or that they had chipped away paint and just an overall rough presentation? Unfortunately, due to weathering, time and overall usage this seems to be a recurring problem. What if there was an easy fix to this problem? One that even provided a firm grip that also could resist bacteria growth. If you want an easy fix that welcomes your customers and patrons the right way, then the ProTecBar is the solution!

The ProTecBar, created by ProTecBar LLC, is designed to aesthetically enhance the entrances to businesses and give them the look of success and welcome. ProTecBar is an injection molded piece of polypropylene that slides over your push and pull door handles or railings that have been weathered and scuffed. This simple addition of the ProTecBar handle provides a sleeker look as well as a firmer grip to the handles, while solving that esthetics of wear.

The ProTecBar handle is manufactured with an anti-microbial additive which succeeds in resisting bacteria growth and also a UVA stabilizer which aids in color retention over time. The colors that can be produced range from solids to bronze and aluminum tones! The ProTecBar is sure to be a necessary and simple addition to any business and or entrance that needs a simple yet effective way of branding their entryway handles.

The durable graphic application which is featured on the ProTecBar is the Polyfuze HT™ labeling technology. Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation created the Polyfuze HT label to provide a truly permanent labeling solution for ProTecBar and many others who are in need of permanent labeling for injection molded plastics. When compared to traditional decorating methods, Polyfuze HT technology is being chosen as the new labeling standard for injection molders when it comes to branding polypropylene and polyethylene parts.

Kevin Smither, President of ProTecBar, stated “your brand becomes one in the same with ProTecBar”, when decorating your parts with the Polyfuze technology.

Polyfuze Graphics® is proud to assist ProTecBar in maintinaing their branding and look for years to come. ProTecBar and many other injection molders alike are discovering that the Polyfuze HT is the world’s only polymer-based labeling technology that is easily applied with a standard hot stamp machine and is a permanent graphic application for polyethylene or polypropylene parts.

To learn more about Polyfuze Graphics click here! And to learn more about the ProTecBar you can view a video with details by clicking here!