Fusion Labeling For Powersports Polymers

Retains Warning Label Durability Requirements For 10+ Years.

Proven Powersports Labeling Solution

As a disruptive polymer technology company, Polyfuze provides advanced Fusion Labeling Technology for difficult to label Powersports polyolefin thermoplastics such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and TPO in addition to Vinyl’s for:

  • UTV and ATV Components
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles

Polyfuze labeling plays an important role in the Powersports industry for components like Vinyl Seats, Poly Fuel Tanks, Dash boards, UTV Beds, Engine Covers and Batteries as well as the aftermarket segment. Polyfuze provides the only solution in the world guaranteed to withstand extreme environments those products are continually exposed to like UV, Moisture, Heat, Cold, Fuels, Oils and Chemicals.

Working with C&A ProSkis, Polyfuze not only helped turn failing Brand labels on their high-end snowmobile skis into a permanent nameplate with continually ROI, they helped automate processes and application as a LEAN Six Sigma cost effective improvement.

Fusion Labeling For Powersports Polymers

Why do standard labels applied to polyolefin plastics like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPO and Vinyl used in powersports components not meet label requirements? Because like Teflon®, nothing wants to stick to them.

Harsh Environments and Use Destroys Standard Labeling

When exposed to UV, moisture, heat, cold, chemicals and outdoor environmental attack, standard labeling doesn’t meet demand.

Adhesive based labeling doesn’t stick, hot stamp foils chalk and wash away, and IML’s break down and fall apart leaving Powersports with labeling that doesn’t meet 10+ year durability requirements.

Only Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology ensures Powersports products have a labeling solution that is guaranteed to be as durable as the waste bins and containers they’re applied to exceeding 10 years of use while being fully recyclable at product end of life.


Shaping Future Powersports Products With Polyolefin Plastics & Permanent Labeling


Polyfuze Backed By Lifetime Guarantee

How permanent are Polyfuze labels? So permanent that they’re backed by our lifetime guarantee, our pledge to you.

And when end of life comes and it’s time to recycle, there’s no labels to remove that only becomes waste on the ground or landfill because Polyfuze labels are 100% recyclable, just like the LSE polyolefin plastics they’re seamlessly fused to.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Eddy Plowman - C&A Pro Skis

"Polyfuze Graphics helped C&A Pro Skis transition from a cumbersome manual process to an automated application. This change reduced our costs significantly and increased our out-going quality. Polyfuze Graphics went above and beyond in numerous ways. We would highly recommend Polyfuze Graphics as your supplier of choice."

Doug Hassell - Crossfire Boats

“We looked at other options but didn’t want to go with a labeling system that would eventually end up falling off or fading with time or exposure to the weather and elements.”

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