Project Description

Tracking products is important. The Polyfuze Graphics™ Barcode makes tracking permanent.

Universal Product Codes (UPC codes) and Quick Response Codes (QR codes)* are important for product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, general marketing and much more. You can achieve a permanent way to capture and maintain this data for the life of your product with a static Polyfuze Barcode.

Your product is made to last for years. But is your barcode? Let’s face it- Traditional stickers, no matter how aggressive the adhesive, simply do not last. With a Polyfuze Graphics Barcode, you will never have to replace a sticker again. The Polyfuze Graphics Barcode offers you a durable,  high quality and most importantly permanent identification solution. For once, a barcode as durable as your product.

*For sequential barcodes, we also provide blank white Polyfuze fields which can be laser coded by either a third party decorator or your own laser. Please inquire for more details.