How it Works

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology

Polymer Fusion is the science of merging two separate polyolefin thermoplastics together (polyolefin label + polyolefin product, part, or component) utilizing melting point temperature, time, and pressure, to seamlessly produce a singular piece of polymer without the use of adhesives, tie-layers, bonding agents, or secondary surface treatments.

Integrated polymer fusion materials

Polymer Fusion Labels

Our patented IP gives Polymer Fusion Labels their unique ability to Fuse (Melt) Permanently into Polyolefin Plastics.

It starts with the development of our Printable Polymer Matrix which is printed onto PET retainer film to create customized Fusion Labels built to customer specifications.

NO adhesives, NO inks, NO substrates. Only 100% compatible polymers are utilized for your plastic products.

Raw Pigment (Color)

Patented Material IP

Printable Pigmented Polymer Matrix

The final step

From Polymer Matrix to Fusion Labels

Fusion Labels are manufactured using Lean Manufacturing principles/processes including Built-In Quality (BIQ) verifications ensuring highest quality throughout production.

Finished labels ship from our facility in Clarkdale, Arizona to our customers around the world.

Molecular Fusion is achieved by the application of a fusion labeling exclusive (450°F) and (75psi); increasing the temperature of the Polyfuze Raw Material Label and Polyolefin Product to the melting point of both causing a molecular fusion reaction.

Once the fusion process is complete, the two polyolefin materials have combined to form one piece of seamless and flush polyolefin plastic with no change in durability or structural integrity.

How It Works

Tested, tried, and true

SEM Analysis of
Polymer Fusion
Labeling Technology

It’s one thing to claim that Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology permanently fuses at a molecular level into durable products made from polyolefin thermoplastics, it’s quite another to show it!

To do this, we asked Advanced MicroAnalytical Laboratory of Salem New Hampshire to conduct SEM Analysis on not only Polymer Fusion Labels, but several other popular labeling methods used today as a comparison.

Durability Testing Videos

What it’s for

Compatible with Virtually All Polyolefin Plastics

A Polymer Fusion label from Polyfuze can decorate polyethylene and polypropylene including all subgroups, and many derivatives including:

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