Polyfuze Hits the Mark With Index System


Trial Our Revolutionary Indexing Unit For Free!

– by Lori Peterson

One benefit of purchasing Polyfuze Graphics™ is that they can be applied utilizing standard hot stamp equipment that is equipped with photo cell registration. But what do you do if your hot stamp machine isn’t equipped with photo cell registration, and you’d like to use a Polyfuze™ graphic?

No problem. CALL US. We will loan you an INDEXing system for FREE.

Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation developed the INDEX, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed specifically for the accurate and repeatable placement of a Polyfuze™ graphic. The INDEX is a stand alone unit and mounts to most brands of hot stamp equipment with ease. The INDEX sensors are precise, meaning that every Polyfuze graphic stamped will be repeatable and perfectly placed during your decorating process time and time again. This means less scrap, quick cycle times, beautifully decorated parts and happy customers.

So you trialed the INDEX unit and you want to buy it? Please do! The INDEX can be purchased for a fraction of what other photo cell registration systems cost.

Some things in life are worth and even require repeating. Enjoy years of repeatable production with the INDEX and Polyfuze™ graphics.