How Our Polyfuze Graphics™ Technology Works

Polyfuze Graphics™ outlast and outperform IMLs, hot stamp foils, heat transfers and more.

Polyfuze is a fully-compatible, polymer-based graphic that:

  • “Heat fuses” into your polyethylene or polypropylene products without using adhesives, bonding layers or synthetic stocks.
  • Takes on all the resistive qualities of the plastic it’s been melted into
  • Is 100% Recyclable with your product

Melting two like materials together, our Polyfuze Graphic + your polyethylene or polypropylene is the key to it all.

Polyfuze Graphics technology / materials:

  • Base Layer
  • PET Clear Film Carrier – Strips away on take-up reel after stamping is completed and not part of the finished product.
  • Print & Colorings – The world’s only polymer-based graphic that “heat fuses” into your part at the molecular / atomic level.
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Polyfuze Graphics™ Technology = 100% Compatible and Permanent with PE or PP

Polyfuze Graphics are permanent and resistant to:

  • UV extremes
  • Acids & chemicals
  • Weathering
  • Petroleum
  • Harsh conditions
Otto uses Polyfuze Graphics for Patriot Waste Management bins
Rehrig Pacific uses Polyfuze Graphics on its Pepsi crate containers
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