Polyfuze Graphics™ Supports 10 Year Return on Advertising

You place an ad in a newspaper…the paper comes and goes and so does your ad. The announcer on the radio brings up your company and you hope the listeners don’t change the station. You’re hopeful that consumers find your company online, but depending on your Search Engine Optimization performance and your ad placement, they may or may not find you.

What if you could get a 10 year return on your advertising efforts? Look no further!

Once a week you drive through your neighborhood and find the streets lined with trash/recycling roll out carts.

Many of these carts cannot even be identified due to current decorating methods failing in the field. The only thing left of the sticker that once was on the side of the cart is some adhesive and torn paper. The hot stamp logo has all but chalked away. The IML on the top of the cart is simply a blank white field where information used to live.

Enter Polyfuze Graphics™. The only permanent solution for decorating your “billboards” known as roll out carts. The Polyfuze graphic is pigmented plastic. No adhesive to fail, or inks to fade away. This equates to the most durable graphic for Polyethylene/Polypropylene. Not only is it subsurface, but it expands and contracts with the plastic.

Jay Eby, owner of Patriot Disposal in Arizona, recognized the value that it adds to carts. “Not only are the carts aesthetically pleasing, it tells new consumers what we do and how to get a hold of us”. Patriot is known for their Smart Stream Recycling which is a service they provide to their customers. Smart Stream Recycling harvests recyclable items directly from the roll carts.

  • Polyfuze offers single or multi-colored (fine line detail) graphics.
  • Polyfuze is applied using standard hot stamp equipment.
  • Polyfuze graphics are polymer based so they are 100% recyclable.

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