Polyfuze Graphics™ March Webinar

Large Viewing Audience Learns About New Technology with Live Application and Durability Test Demo

Following our first webinar this past February, our March webinar was well received with 20+ new attendees who registered.

As with our first webinar, Jason Brownell, VP of Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, educated viewers on details relating to how Polyfuze Graphics™ are unique from all other plastic decorating methods currently available on the market today. Jason also provided a successful demonstration on the application of the Polyfuze Graphic using standard hot stamp equipment, followed by live durability tests including the industry standard ASTM D3359-09 Crosshatch Tape Test and exposure of the applied Polyfuze Graphic to lacquer thinner.

After the application and durability demonstrations, there was a question and answer period. Jason fielded the following questions from the audience:

Q: “Does the Polyfuze Graphic only work on PE & PP?”

A: “The Polyfuze Graphic works with the whole polyolefin family of plastics. This is going to include TPO’s and olefin based TPE. Our graphic technology also works well with structural foam. Even though structural foam has an uneven surface, The Polyfuze Graphic works well on it. We have even done some work with PVC in certain durometers. ”

Q: “Will the Polyfuze Graphic hold up to battery acid?”

A: “All of the graphics we manufacture are custom, so we source pigments which will hold up in different environments based upon customer needs. So with battery acid in particular, we can source pigments for the graphic that will hold up to the exposure of battery acid. With that being said, the next customer may need something that is CPSIA compliant. In that case we can source materials to be compliant with that need. Graphics that require compliance with ROHS and FDA standards are additional examples where we can do the same.”

Q: “Does the Polyfuze Graphic work on high-impact styrene?”

A: “Although we don’t yet have test data to support it, we have decorated some high-impact styrene. It seemed to perform well, but we’d like to first conduct some internal testing before making any conclusions that the graphic is going to hold up as well on high-impact styrene, as it does on PE and PP.” 

Our goal is to educate our attendees about our one of a kind plastic decorating method without cutting into their busy schedules, so the entire presentation was completed in less than 30 minutes. These webinars are an all-encompassing presentation for anyone who decorates injection molded plastic. Current real-world applications of the Polyfuze Graphic™ include a variety of reusable packaging items, products used in the waste & recycling industry, warning labels, etc.

Thank you to all who attended our March webinar. Our team at Polyfuze Graphics ™ Corporation values your time and is pleased to offer the most innovative technology for the permanent branding of polyolefin products.

Mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of each month during 2015.