Polyfuze Graphics™ Interviews with National Waste and Recycling Association at WasteExpo

WasteExpo 2015, Day 2 – Customers Understanding the True Nature of Polyfuze Technology

2nd Day in Las Vegas, Nevada brings more excitement for the Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation team at Waste Expo 2015. Jason Brownell, VP Sales Manager at Polyfuze says, “The excitement is present and amping up not just for our team, but for all the attendees coming into our booth to see what the buzz is all about with Polyfuze technology. Many guests approach, thinking they are seeing the same heat transfer or hot stamp foil technology. After a demo in our booth and calling out our different polyethylene fusion technology, they all smile and have the “Aha” moment of excitement, and they begin to understand the nature of our Polyfuze technology.

Curtis Agius, the President & Founder of Trash Taxi, is one of our many happy customers who is also attending the WasteExpo event and has worked with Lori Peterson, one of our highly qualified account managers, to create a permanent and customized solution for decorating Trash Taxi’s injection molded carts.

Curtis has recently stated, “I have tried for years to get a multi-color permanent logo on our garbage toters, but had settled for a decal instead. Polyfuze Graphics™ helped us to fulfill this need. Not only is our Trash Taxi logo in full color, but also permanently welded into the plastic of our cart. The fine line detail in the graphic far exceeds any hot stamp. Thank you Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation and Otto Environmental Systems for making this hope a reality.”

“So many stories are coming through like this, and I have had the opportunity to do a short interview with the National Waste and Recycling Association that really helps to bring to this industry the understanding of how different Polyfuze technology really is compared to others. And there is no better way than actually getting face-to-face with upcoming or long standing customers and showing them what we are talking about,” says Jason.

Jamee Reddell, another highly qualified account manager from Polyfuze, has had the same experiences and responses from attendees when showing actual Polyfuze Graphics™ application demo’s inside our booth. During the process of our demo’s Jamee has shown the attendees how easy and quick it is to apply our Polyfuze Graphics™ using standard hot stamping equipment.

The Polyfuze sales team is looking forward to connecting with many more attendees and putting faces to names, but if you are not at the WasteExpo show, you still have a chance to check out what our technology is all about through our upcoming Technical Webinar Series this next Tuesday, June 9th, at 11:00 am MST.