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Lean Improvements For Polyfuze Graphics Technology

Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation (PGC) and it's sister company, Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS), are always striving to reach and expand its internal company goals to make sure they exceed the customer needs and product quality goals. In doing so, it has allowed the company to have a lasting affect with our brand and products into [...]

How Success Is Driven By Innovation & Company Culture

Our team members get asked a question all the time, “As a company, what does Polyfuze Graphics® Corp. do in the small town of Clarkdale, Arizona, USA?” Since much of what we do is surrounded by proprietary processes and technology, it’s a hard question to answer. Many in the world recognize its sister company , [...]

Company Growth From Effective Employees

Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation is the sister company of the original – Mold In Graphic Systems®. MIGS® has been in business for over 30 years, however, Polyfuze has a shorter history. Polyfuze Graphics Corporation’s inception dates back to 2012, where it debuted the IMIG graphic at the Plastics Industry Association sponsored NPE Show. Polyfuze’s focus is [...]

ProTecBar Solutions For Damaged Door Handles

Have you ever walked into the entrance of a business and noticed scuffed metal door handles, or that they had chipped away paint and just an overall rough presentation? Unfortunately, due to weathering, time and overall usage this seems to be a recurring problem. What if there was an easy fix to this problem? One [...]