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How I Became A Certified Labelfreak

Owner, Mike Stevenson, the original #labelfreak, circa 1984 to present. “I have been working with MIGS for years and I learned new information today about old products. Awesome!” – Kathy Gorey / Pelican Products Over 40 years ago, the Founder of Mold in Graphic Systems had a vision. Mike Stevenson simply saw [...]

Episode 1 – Labeling Secrets

Learn how a 40 year industry veteran helped increase profit and time for his company while eliminating the frustration of decorating injection molded plastics! In his very first podcast, Labeling Setup & Applications Expert Jason Brownell interviews “Rodney”, a 40 year injection molding veteran who shares how his skepticism actually ended up turning into [...]

Building Quality With TEAM Loyalty

How do you develop quality and maintain it over years of perseverance, research and innovation? The best way for any company to get it right is to have a strong team that is structured for motivation, teamwork and of course happiness. If you have a team that you have built over the years to help [...]

Pocket-Sized Game of Catch Is Flying Fast

If you are one to enjoy some outdoor fun with family or friends, playing catch, a round of Ultimate Frisbee, football, paddle ball or any object tossing sport, you have to take a look at this cool new game of catch that can fit easily in your pocket and can be thrown at fast-paced long [...]