• Polyfuze Graphics Test Data
  • Polyfuze graphics lower scrap rates for branding plastics

Our polymer-based Polyfuze Graphics improve your plastics!

We can provide you with a 100% truly permanent graphic and branding experience to decorate your polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.

Polyfuze Graphics™ are not the same technology as an IML, decal, heat transfer, sticker or pad printing technology. Because of our Polyfuze Graphic, we can provide you with a graphic that is UV resistant, weather tested, chemical tested, acid tested, solvent tested, pressure tested and temperature tested, and ASTM D3359-09 Tape Tested.

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Retained Brand Awareness

Brand recognition that lasts the life of your product!

Helps maintain Company branding and profile

Our polymer-based Polyfuze Graphics help retain a high-quality branding experience.

Product Traceability

Easy integration for LaserCoded options to capture and store data directly into your Polyfuze Graphic.

Manage your products and data with ease.

Capture data with QR codes, Barcodes, Serialization, RFID and more.

Asset Management!

Manage your product with a Polyfuze Graphic that can utilize RFID's.

Returnable assets!

Easy serialization of data for traceability.

Cost Reduction

Polyfuze customers have experienced lower scrap rates!

Lower Scrap Rates & Labor costs

Many companies report having a 4% – 30% scrap rate when using IML, hot-stamp, stickers, heat transfer or pad/screen printing technologies.

Regulatory Compliance

The Polyfuze Graphic will help you maintain regulatory compliance branding as our graphic will not wear, crack, chalk, chip, peel or fade away.

Polyfuze Helps Maintain Warning & Cautionary Statements

Provide 100% permanence to shopping cart flap warnings, cautionary statements, and safety graphics in any industry.

Hot Stamp Machine Compatible

Our Polyfuze Graphic is compatible with hot stamp machinery ensuring easy processing for operators.

Easy to use technology for Hot Stamp Machinery

Fast and easy graphic application process for hot stamping machinery.

UV & Chemical Tested

Our Polyfuze Graphic is UV resistant and chemical tested to withstand the environments of your industry.

Durable & Maintained visibility

Rest assured that our Polyfuze graphic will last and maintain visibilty in the conditions you require without having to scrap or re-decorate your product.

Multi-Color & Fine Line Detail

Our Polyfuze Graphic is multi-color ready and includes fine line detail to achieve the quality you deserve to represent your brand!

Achieve the Quality You deserve!

Quality brand awareness contributes to recognition and ongoing profit margins.
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Polymer-based Polyfuze Graphics are made to brand your polyethylene and polypropylene plastics for life

We are the only branding method that is a truly permanent decorating solution for your injection molded parts.
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Polyfuze Graphic Services

Brand awareness, traceability, asset management, lowering cost and sustainability should be part of every injection molding companies business model when it comes to approaching success and permanent branding for their  plastic products.

Why Choose Polyfuze

      • 100% Compatible materials that bond 100% to PE & PP plastics
      • Reduce Costs when using a Polyfuze Graphic
      • Achieve Premium Multi-Color and fine detail with Polyfuze
      • Add Traceability and Asset / Data Management with ease to your product
      • A Truly Permanent Graphic Technology that retains your Brand recognition

What Client’s Say

Processing the new Polyfuze Graphic was ‘ridiculously easy’.
Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers. The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry…
This technology opens up many opportunities for decorating Polyethylene, Polyethylene Foam and Polypropylene.
Eric Steinwach, ITW United Silicone