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We've helped hundreds of brands improve their bottom line with lasting solutions for plastic durable goods.

GM® Uses Polymer Fusion Labels in 6.5M+ Vehicles

How General Motors partnered with Polyfuze to solve automotive labeling challenges across 6.5 million vehicles on 30+ platforms.

Tragedy Calls for New Kind of Warning Label

How Kroger® utilized Polyfuze to protect their customers and decrease liability on over 2 million grocery carts.

Rubbermaid® Secures Deal Due to New Labels

How Rubbermaid Commercial used Polyfuze to improve product quality and secure a monumental deal with a major retailer.

Your Local Cafe May Use Polymer Fusion Labeling

How a cold brew coffee pioneer utilized Polyfuze to increase brand recognition while adhering to compliances on 25k+ products.

Customized Dental Products Using Fusion

How Snap Caps™ and Dentagrafix® used Polymer Fusion to innovate dental product customization while meeting compliances.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Label Concerns

How General Motors and Honda addressed safety concerns in their autonomous vehicle project through the use of Polymer Fusion.

Dishwasher Buttons That Don't Wear Off

How a leading appliance brand partnered with Polyfuze to create a durable dishwasher button system using Polymer Fusion.

Medical Waste Demands Safer Warning Labels

How a medical waste management brand partnered with Polyfuze to find a labeling solution that could withstand regulations.

Lawnmower Brands Seek Enhanced Label Solutions​

How Polyfuze & Mold In Graphics partnered with leading Lawn & Garden brands for commercial-grade lawnmowers.