Polyfuze Attends EXPO To Promote Solutions Technology For EV Market

Written By: Noel Daigle

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Polyfuze Graphics Corporation will attend the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle and Technology Expo in Novi Michigan this month to promote their unique Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology. This unique method for labeling polyolefin plastic is already featured on over 20 vehicle platforms and has helped address durability and production related issues for brands such as Ford and General Motors.


Polyfuze Director of Engineering / Jason Brownell is scheduled to speak on Thursday September 16 @ 2:30 on the topic of Regulatory Requirements of Labeling Polyolefin: Past, Present and Future.

Jason has more than 25 years with Mold In Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corporation. He has extensive knowledge of plastic labeling and related regulatory requirements. He is an industry veteran who has worked directly with some of the biggest companies in the plastics industry to provide training and manufacturing support.

The presentation will be held in the safety, testing, and labeling section under Regulatory Requirements of Labeling Polyolefin: Past, Present and Future on September 16th.

He will outline how, during five decades, regulatory requirements have evolved as polymers replaced steel and aluminum as the dominant material used in manufacturing. Yet, as the use of polyolefins like polypropylene and polyethylene have increased, and new plastic labeling technologies have been developed, labeling test standards are essentially the same as they were 50 years ago and have not been updated to keep pace with ever changing regulatory requirements. 

Jason Brownell - Director of Engineering
Matthew Stevenson - President of Polyfuze Graphics Corp.
Edward Trueman - Executive Advisor
Marty Mares - VP Branding & Commercial Development

Jason will also briefly discuss the challenges when labeling low surface energy plastics such as olefin plastic and its derivatives. He stated, “Often times when I visit an injection molder, I will see bottlenecks occurring from plasma and corona treating of the plastic in an effort to raise the surface energy.”

The conference will boast many knowledgeable speakers and EV automotive industry experts.

If you are a manufacturer or end-user of automotive, EV, or battery related plastics we are here to help.

If you are also attending The EV Tech Expo and would like to meet with Jason Brownell, please feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting! Contact us by calling 928-634-8888 or connect with Jason on LinkedIn.