Medical Polyolefins

Mitigating Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

Chronic label failures on fomites contribute to HAIs. 

Polyfuze fusion labeling Technology helps Prevent Them.

99,000 U.S. / 37,000 European Deaths

"Total Number of Deaths Caused by HAI's Each Year According to CDC"

HAI's Affect 1.7 million U.S. Patients Each Year

HAI Causing Bacteria Can Live For Weeks

HAI's Costs The Healthcare Industry $28-$45 Billion Every Year

Damaged Labels Become The Perfect Environment For HAI Causing Bacteria.

HAI Causes

According to a study conducted by Stephanie A. Boone and Charles P. Gerba2, experts have seen increasing evidence that contaminated surfaces or fomites play a prominent role in the spread of HAI viral and bacterial infections.

“Fomites” are non-living objects in medical environments that include a wide array of polyolefin plastic products such as durable Sharps Containers that must endure 600 cycles of detergent and high temp steam pressure washing at 121°C (250°F) and Polypropylene Sample Trays that must endure cryogenic freezing at -80°C (-112°F).
The non-polar nature of polyolefin plastics which gives them a distinct advantage in these environments as their low surface energy naturally resists anything attempting to adhere to the surface for long periods of time. This makes them easy-to-clean and disenfect…MOSTLY.

2) https://patientcarelink.org/improving-patient-care/healthcare-acquired-infections-hais/

Incompatible Labeling

Warning labels are meant to convey critical information to healthcare workers and patients alike and are required by law per 29 CFR § 1910.1030, but when these incompatible Adhesive based stickers, In Mold Labels (IMLs), Heat Transfers, Hot Stamp Foils, and Screen-printing Inks are exposed to aggressive disinfectants, extreme heat, steam and cryogenic freezing, they fail. First, failures lead to missing labels with potential “Failure To Warn” consequences because it leaves patients and healthcare workers uninformed. Secondly, failures are presented as damaged labels with peeled back edges, exposed under layers and gummy adhesives that become the perfect environments for HAI harboring virus and bacteria that can be transmitted to a human through a single touch. Incompatible labels cannot be disinfected properly, but Polyfuze Fusion Labels can!

A Label-Free Surface Is “Easy-to-Clean", and Does Not Leave Areas Where Bacteria or Viruses Have The Opportunity To "GROW"

Compatible Polyfuze Fusion Labeling

Because Polyfuze Fusion Technology Labels are made of the same polyolefin plastic, they fuse molecularly into the subsurface leaving a fully flush, easier to clean and sanitize surface. No peeling edges, gummy adhesives or exposed under layers to harbor virus or bacteria. They are also 100% permanent for the life use of those products meaning they can successfully endure aggressive disinfectants, extreme heat, steam and cryogenic freezing for the life of those products.

Benefits of Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Cleanliness - The fully fused and flush surface makes Polyfuze the most sterile label surface available for easy sanitizing between patients.

  • Safety - Polyfuze warning / safety labels continue to inform patients, healthcare workers and biohazard collection technicians for life of the product.
  • Perception - Damaged and missing labels indicate dirtiness, infection and uncleanliness. Polyfuze labels look great from day 1 to day 1825 and more.
  • Cost vs. Price - With Polyfuze, only one label is ever needed. Other labels become damaged or fail meaning additional labels, labor and costs. Polyfuze Labels infused with PREVENT Antimicrobial continues to inhibits growth hours after sanitizing operations cease.

PREVENT Anti-Microbial From Polyfuze

Another advancement from Polyfuze is a product called PREVENT Antimicrobial. PREVENT can be incorporated into the usual warning and biohazard labels offered by Polyfuze while opening the door to creative “outside the box” uses such as labels for grab points on Sharps containers, lift points on waste bins, and more. At a 10% loading, PREVENT provides 100-200ppb silver ion efficacy right at the surface where it’s most needed and most effective. Polyfuze is combining technologies that we believe will help solve some of the complex problems that contribute to HAI related exposures, deaths & costs to the healthcare industry.

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