Don’t Lose Your Brand Identity

Ever since I started working in the plastics industry, I have had a tendency to notice plastic products everywhere that I go. Not just ANY plastic product mind you. Just those made of polypropylene and polyethylene.  I assume that I am not the only one working in the industry with this strange obsession?……for my sake just say no, ok?

After quick observation, I must say that there are a lot of products made out of PP and PE.  As I walk through grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, sports arenas, airports, you name it, I will spot a PP/PE plastic product then find myself thinking “Wow, that shopping cart, tote, container, pallet, waste cart, tackle box, tool chest, beverage cooler, sporting goods product, wheel barrow and bucket would look amazing with Polyfuze Graphics™ on them! A Polyfuze graphic certainly wouldn’t be flaking off of the product before a consumer has had the opportunity to buy it, let alone after the purchase and years of use”!

When a hot stamp, heat transfer, pad print, IML or silk screened logo fails on a polyolefin product, the product loses brand recognition. When the product loses brand recognition, the company loses brand identity. What a shame this is!

What if a manufacturer and/or company simply isn’t aware that a more permanent decorating technology exists?

I want to spread the word about Polyfuze graphics to manufacturers and companies alike, because there is no other branding method on the market more durable and effective for maintaining company logos, warning logos, or barcodes on a product for the life of the product.

How is this possible? There are NO INKS in a Polyfuze graphic to wear away or degrade when subjected to power washing, chemicals and harsh outdoor elements. Our graphics are polymer based and literally heat fuse directly into a plastic product.

I find great satisfaction when I see a Polyfuze graphic on a product in the field. In example, a Safeway hand held shopping basket or a Kroger shopping cart. I know that the company logo and warning graphic will remain permanently intact after years of use and repeated sterilization with sanitation wipes. The fine line detail will remain crisp and the brand colors will remain vivid.

At the end of the day, the foundation of your brand is your logo. Consistent, strategic branding leads to strong brand equity, which means added value brought to your company’s products or services.

Why risk losing brand recognition? Use a Polyfuze!

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