Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation March Webinar

Our 2015 Webinar Series continues on Tuesday, March 3rd with a brand new installment.
This webinar will be hosted by Jason Brownell, VP of Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, in our prototype lab and will feature:

  • An overview of what makes Polyfuze Graphic™ technology different in comparison to all other plastic decorating methods.
  •  LIVE application demonstration of the Polyfuze Graphic™ using standard hot stamp equipment. This will include machine set-up and an overview of time, temperature and pressure settings.
  •  LIVE post-application durability test demonstration. This will include ASTM D3359-09 Crosshatch Tape Test, as well as, exposure of the Polyfuze Graphic™ to harsh chemical testing.

Please join us to learn about this unique plastic decorating method. This webinar will also include a question and answer period where any questions you may have regarding Polyfuze Graphics™ applications and parameters will be addressed. We look forward to you joining us. Please register at the link below.

Technical Webinar Series – Once a Month

These webinars are an all-encompassing presentation for anyone who decorates injection molded plastic including:

  • Waste Industry
  • Reusable Packaging Industry
  • Retail/Consumer Products Industry
  • Lawn and Garden Industry
  • Medical Industry

Learn how Polyfuze Graphics™ innovative technology can permanently brand your company products for life.