Lean Improvements For Polyfuze Graphics

Written By: Polyfuze

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Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation (PGC) and it’s sister company, Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS), are always striving to reach and expand its internal company goals to make sure they exceed the customer needs and product quality goals. In doing so, it has allowed the company to have a lasting affect with our brand and products into the joined success of our customers and business partners.

To continue our story and the path to the highest quality of services and product value, PGC and MIGS have undertaken a new “leaner” approach to improving its world renowned plastic labeling technology and overall company processes. Starting our “lean” spring cleaning is triggering many new insights for production, customer service, sales, shipping and R&D.

The team members have approached the new “Fix What Bugs You” methodology, which has a foundation on the Six Sigma method, to create a cleaner, more organized and fun work environment that improves our product quality, processes and services. Our teams are working together as always, but with more focused intent and dedicated time-slots every day to view any excess waste in our processing.

The new team efforts are driving a deeper appreciation for each other and for the company as a great place to work. The open forum for communication has lent itself to improve many things. Malachi Collins, one of our press Supervisors and team leaders states, “I really feel that we are improving things. We get together every morning to discuss our improvements or concerns, which in turn helps the members in their work area. We then spend 30 minutes doing our 3 S’s (sort, shine, and standardize). By empowering the people with the ability to make improvements on their own every day, it has really motivated everyone to stay involved.”

As we continue our improvements every day, the outlook for PGC and MIGS is to produce the highest quality and services with even less effort because of the lean / Six Sigma methodology. We are improving our production flow processes, our product quality, our shipping and customer service and sales order processes. We aim to remove any wasted efforts, wasted time or wasted monies in our efforts to gain more potential in the entire company.


“I see us as a company where people want to work. Where employees feel appreciated, and help out their teammates. I believe we will produce more work at top quality without the need for overtime, and/or exhausting the team members. With the help of our veteran members, we can use their knowledge and come up with new ideas from new members to supercharge the company. I see the same highest quality products and services from Polyfuze Graphics and Mold in Graphic Systems , achieved with less stress”, states Malachi.

If you are interested in our new lean process, quality improvements or have questions about our already successful Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for injection molded plastics, contact us today.

PGC and MIGS are working every day to continually improve our product lines, manufacturing process, customer service, and down-to-earth company culture. We strive to be a great business that empowers our team members to do their best and share in the success.

We would love to hear from any viewer about your personal success story! Please contact us to share, or if we can help to provide a missing component for your success. We’d love to hear from you.

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