Growth In Outdoor Power Equipment

Market experts estimate the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry to be worth $26.1 billion by the year 2024. Growth in the outdoor power equipment segment, which is made up of 5 different categories of consumer and commercial lawn mowing equipment, snow throwers, tillers, chain saws, blowers, grass trimmers/brush cutters, cut-off machines, UTV’s and fuel systems, is growing because of DIY consumer demand along with entrepreneurs opening lawn & garden businesses.

Interestingly, the growth in this industry coincides with OEM’s expansive use of Low Surface Energy (LSE) Polyolefin Plastics that Industrial Designers and Engineers are choosing over previous materials for chemical resistance, exceptional durability, low cost & weight reduction along with major improvements in fuel efficiency. The global polyolefin market was estimated at 149.78 million tons back in 2016 so you can only imagine what that is today and just how many different parts and components those polyolefins are going into!

For OEM’s and consumers alike, labeling outdoor power equipment products plays an ever increasing & important role.

  1. Labeling showcases Brand Image helping OEM’s retain customer loyalty and perception of value while attracting new ones.
  2. Safety & Warning labels provide customers proper use instructions and the hazards associated with use keeping them safe while simultaneously keeping OEM’s clear from litigious risk.

OEM’s Implement Safety Standards

Industry OEM’s that help make up the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) have implemented safety standards in order to build and provide the highest quality and safest products available to their consumers. An important requirement within the labeling sections of these standards states that safety and warning labels are to remain permanently in place for the life of the durable goods products. That statement may seem simple enough, but there’s a hidden problem. Nothing, not even so-called permanent durable labels, can permanently stick to LSE polyolefin plastics no matter what anyone sells you.

It’s after the application of labels to LSE polyolefin plastic components within the manufacturing facility where the danger lies. When consumers buy and use their outdoor power equipment, real-world exposures to chemicals, fuels and the always changing environment eventually cause labels to bubble, lift, and peel off.

Instead of trying to make a label stick or bond to LSE polyolefin plastic, the only viable solution is using a 100% compatible Polyfuze label tailored to permanently meld into the LSE polyolefin plastic.

How permanent are Polyfuze labels? So permanent that they’re backed by our lifetime guarantee, our pledge that an OEM’s Brand Image and Warning Labeling will be on their outdoor power equipment durable goods until end of life use.

Polyfuze, the only label capable of meeting permanent labeling standards requirements on LSE polyolefin plastics.

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