Lasercoding, Serialization & BarCoding Plastics With Polyfuze Graphics™ *

Lasercoding, Serialization & BarCoding Polyfuze Graphics™

Polyfuze Graphics™ are capable of providing amazing branding features alongside it’s truly permanent technology that will support your branding efforts with:

  • Lasercoding
  • Serialization and
  • Barcoding

Polyfuze Graphics can be customized with laser-reactive pigments that change from white to dark-gray when exposed to specialized lasers. If you are looking to capture and store essential product data into your plastic part, than Polyfuze graphics can achieve this option for you.

LaserCoding with Polyfuze Graphics offers:

  • Data & Asset Tracking and management
  • Inventory control & analysis
  • Barcoding, Serialization & QR coding
  • Permanently fused data into your PE or PP part

Manage products with Polyfuze Graphics with LaserCoding such as:

  • Crates
  • Totes
  • Material handling containers
  • Shipping containers
  • Pallet Components & more

* Lasercoding equipment is required for utilizing the Polyfuze Graphics options for lasercoding, serialization or barcoding. Lasercoding equipment can be purchased separately. Contact our sales team here to learn more.

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