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Labels are placed on countless products and used in many different industries, from medical labels in the healthcare world to automotive labeling and more.

A lot of these labels have to be strong and resistant in order to cope with changing conditions and environments, which is where custom waterproof labels come into play.

As the name suggests, waterproof labels are able to resist water, making them useful in situations where they might be exposed to rain or humidity. Different methods can be used to make custom labels waterproof, and custom waterproof labels can have a varied range of applications.

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Custom Waterproof and Weatherproof Labels

What Is a Waterproof Label?

A waterproof label, just like any other kind of waterproof product, such as waterproof jackets and waterproof gadgets, is a label that is completely protected against water. Water is not able to seep through waterproof equipment labels, and the best waterproof labels will not suffer any kind of fading or degradation due to water exposure.

There are many kinds of custom waterproof labels, such as waterproof labels for medical equipment that might get exposed to certain fluids and chemicals while in use, as well as waterproof outdoor labels that are used on items of equipment that are typically stored or used outdoors.

Why Other Labeling Methods Fail

Various methods can be used to produce customized waterproof labels. However, most of them struggle to produce custom waterproof labels that are truly reliable for long-term use. Often, traditional adhesive labels simply fail to live up to expectations and the adhesives used can wear away over time.

This can cause the waterproof label to start peeling away or even falling off after a certain period of time. In addition, even though some waterproof warning labels are good at resisting water, they may be susceptible to other damage, like fading caused by UV light or exposure to extreme temperatures.

In addition, a lot of modern outdoor products or products that could be exposed to water and fluids are made from polyolefin plastics. These plastics are naturally stick-resistant, and many adhesive labels simply won’t work on them. Attaching waterproof labels to plastic products can therefore pose a major challenge to many companies.

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Polyfuze Is the Best Solution for Waterproof Labels

When it comes to applying waterproof custom labels to polyolefin plastics, Polyfuze is the best solution. Polyfuze uses advanced polymer fusion technology, which involves the use of low-surface plastic polymers, fusing labels directly onto the plastic components that they’re made for.

These labels are strong, dependable, and waterproof, able to withstand heavy rain or total submersion into a pool of water without wearing down at all. In addition, Polyfuze’s waterproof labels are the most durable option, and they cannot be lifted or separated from the product.

While adhesive labels and other labeling methods often fail or have obvious flaws and weaknesses, Polyfuze’s polymer fusion labels are engineered to offer total compatibility with polyolefin plastics like HDPE and polypropylene, as well as many other kinds of polyolefin thermoplastics in use today.

They’ve been proven to exceed performance and durability expectations, complying with the highest standards of various industries, from medical to automotive. So, if you have durable plastic parts that need truly waterproof labels, you can count on Polyfuze to get the job done.

Waterproof vs Water‑Resistant Labels

Even though they may sound similar, waterproof labels are not the same as water-resistant labels. It’s important to understand the difference between these two kinds of labeling and make the right choice when looking for branding labels, warning labels, or other kinds of labels for your products.

Water-resistant labels are only resistant to water up to a certain point. They’re designed to repel low or medium amounts of water, for example, and may be able to cope on rainy days. However, they may be unable to cope with total immersion in water or exposure to excessive amounts of water.

Waterproof labels, however, are able to have complete protection against water in any quantity. This means that these labels will remain in place even in the rainiest of conditions and can also be submerged in water without fading, peeling away, or becoming separated from the product they’re attached to.

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Products That Use Waterproof Labels

There are a lot of different products that make use of waterproof labels. This can include items of outdoor equipment that are used regularly in outdoor places, like automotive parts, landscaping equipment, industrial equipment, recreation equipment, children’s outdoor play equipment, as well as water-related items like scuba diving gear and boating equipment.

In addition, items that are used inside but may be regularly exposed to water can also have waterproof labels attached to them. This can include everything from pieces of medical equipment and healthcare devices to bottles that are used for shampoo and conditioner packaging.

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