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Medical Waste
Medical Waste

Engineered specifically for low surface energy medical plastics exceeding performance for antimicrobial, branding, safety/warning labels.

Engineered specifically for low surface energy medical plastics exceeding performance for antimicrobial, branding, safety/warning labels.

Adhesion-Based Shortcomings

Why Other Methods Fail

Today, engineers are faced with a variety of obstacles when designing medical material handling containers such as hazardous materials, sharps containers and medical waste bins. One of the most difficult, and crucial obstacles, is the unique challenges faced when labeling these containers that are manufactured from polyolefin thermoplastics.

Polyolefin thermoplastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene are chosen specifically for their superior performance including puncture resistance, chemical resistance and durability during intense sanitization procedures, and long service life.

However, the performance properties that make these plastics such a versatile material for reusable medical waste containers also make them problematic for common “adhesion-based” safety and warning labeling methods (pressure-sensitive adhesive, in-mold, hot stamp foil, heat transfer, silkscreen, pad printing, and more) that are both necessary and intended to be on the product for life use.

Medical Labeling Solution

Polymer Fusion
Labeling Technology
For Medical Solutions

Where the other methods eventually fail, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology provides a variety of solutions including antimicrobial, hygienic, tracking/tracing, branding, and warning/safety labeling.

Polymer Fusion Labels are engineered specifically for difficult to label, low surface energy medical plastics and are uniquely suited to exceed performance standards for the environments and standards that medical plastics are subjected to.

Polymer Fusion Labels
Performance Attributes
Performance Attributes

Performance Attributes

  • Fully compatible with low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics (no substrates, inks, or adhesives are used where microbes harbor and thrive)
  • 100% polymer fusion melds at molecular level to low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics used in medical container manufacturing
  • Impervious to harsh environments, chemicals, sanitation processes, autoclave or environments with moisture, solvents, water, and extreme temperatures for years of serviceable use.
  • Compliant with FDA standards etc.
  • Anti-counterfeit & authentication capability
  • Life-use track & trace labeling solutions
  • Hygienic, “label-less” fusion surface due to “label-less” result
  • Can be manufactured with BioCote® Antimicrobial for added silver ion long-term efficacy


  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Storage Services
  • Treatment & Disposal Services
  • Recycling Services
  • Labels for Sharps Containers
  • Labels for Biohazard Medical Waste Containers
  • Cryogenic / Vaccine Support
  • Labels for hospital beds
  • Labels for Medical Devices
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