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Durable Consumer Products

Exceeds performance anywhere track & trace, barcode,
anti-counterfeiting, branding, antimicrobial & safety/warning labels are needed. Engineered specifically for low surface energy durable goods.

Engineered specifically for low surface energy children’s durable plastic products to exceed performance for track & trace, barcode, branding, antimicrobial & safety/warning labels.

Adhesion-Based Shortcomings

Why Other Methods Fail

Three years! That’s the minimum requirement Durable Consumer Products are expected to last and be utilized without consumers needing to purchase them again.

Engineers of these products design them to have a long lifespan that includes withstanding a variety of climates, temperatures, and exposures which means most of them are manufactured using durable and cost-effective polymers in lieu of expensive metals and composites. Products such as household items like washers & dryers, commercial products like dustpans & mop buckets, hobbyist items like kayaks & coolers, and much more.

Many of these durable and reusable products are made from low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics such as high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). These plastics are chosen specifically for their superior performance properties that include long service life with resistance to damage, chemicals, UV exposure and washing / sanitizing processes.

These performance properties that make polyolefin thermoplastics such a versatile material for durable consumer products also make them problematic for common “adhesion-based” labeling methods (pressure-sensitive adhesive, in-mold, hot stamp foil, heat transfer, silkscreen, pad printing, and more) that are intended to be on these products for life use.

The reason! Polyolefin thermoplastics more closely resemble the “stick-resistant” properties of Teflon® than other polymers rendering adhesion-based labeling methods ineffective as they’re both resistant and incompatible. Real-world proof consistently shows that these labeling methods cannot meet the life-use requirement necessary whether for safety / warning, informative or even branding.

The Polyfuze Difference

Polymer Fusion
Labeling Technology
For Durable Consumer

Where adhesion and other labeling methods continue to fail, Polymer Fusion Labels were engineered specifically for 100% compatibility and 100% recyclability with all polyolefin thermoplastics. They have been proven to exceed performance and durability standards no matter the use or environment these consumer products may be exposed to.

Polymer Fusion is the science of merging two separate low surface energy plastic polymers together (polyolefin label + polyolefin component) utilizing melting point, time, and pressure, which produces a singular piece of plastic without the use of adhesives, tie-layers, bonding agents, or secondary surface treatments.

During application, the Polymer Fusion Label and the polyolefin thermoplastic component simultaneously reach melt-point, causing a fusion reaction.

The result is permanent branding, warning, safety, authentication, track & trace, or informational labels for durable consumer goods that cannot be lifted, separated, or removed for the life-use of the product no matter the harsh environment or exposure.

Performance Attributes

  • Fully compatible with low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics (no substrates, inks, or adhesives are used)
  • 100% polymer fusion melds at molecular level with low surface energy polymers
  • Impervious to harsh environments, chemicals, sanitation processes, environments with moisture, solvents, water, pressure-washing, and extreme temperatures.
  • Anti-counterfeit & authentication capability
  • Life-use track & trace labeling solutions
  • 100% recyclable with all polyolefin thermoplastic polymers
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Storage Services
  • Treatment & Disposal Services
  • Recycling Services
  • Labels for home appliances
  • Labels for playground equipment
  • Labels for tools & toolboxes
  • Labels for sports equipment


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