Index™ System – For Use With Polyfuze Graphics™

Index System for Polyfuze Graphics

The INDEX™ System is a revolutionary piece of equipment that has been developed for the repeatable placement of the Polyfuze graphic. “INDEX” sensors are precise, meaning that every Polyfuze graphic stamped will be repeatable during your decorating cycles. This unit will mount to most brands of Hot Stamp equipment and can be mounted on the left or right hand side, opposite the foil take-up system.  The end user will need to provide brackets and mounting holes in their existing press construction to accept the “INDEX”.

Index™ System for Polyfuze Graphics

Photo Eye for Registration

The Index System, for use with Polyfuze Graphics offers:

  • Precision sensing for repeatable results during stamping
  • Easy installation to the majority of hot stamping equipment
  • Left Side or Right Side mounting opposite of the take-up system
  • Photo Eye Registration Component
  • Optional adjustable adapter bracket

The “INDEX” is a self-contained unit that requires 120 volt power and a press that has a working Dwell Timer and Motorized Foil Advance system. Please note that the “INDEX” will not work on some older presses that have missing foil take-up systems, or use an air ratchet advance system, or hand crank system.

Upon the proper installation of the INDEX”, you will have years of repeatable production from this robust unit placing Polyfuze Graphics™ on your products. Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. also offers an optional adjustable adapter bracket at an additional charge that may make your installation easier.

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