The Future Of Label Adhesion
Isn't Adhesion...

It's Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology.

Different from standard Adhesion Label Technologies where the primary action is surface adhesion of two different materials attempting to glue together, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology is at the molecular level creating one piece of fused inseparable Olefin plastic.

How Does It Work?

Pigmented Polymer (Fusion Label) is molecularly fused to Olefinic Plastic (Product) using heat/pressure via standard Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer / VersaFlex Technology.

The fusion reaction takes place quickly during this process resulting in the two plastics coming together (Melting/Joining) and then quickly cooling once complete.

Tested and Used By

To name a few…

Fusion Technology Case Studies​
Fusion Technology Case Studies​

Industries Using Fusion Labeling


Interior / Under Hood
Safety / Warning Labeling


HAI / BioHazard
Antimicrobial Labeling

Waste / Recycling 

Branding / Municipal Logos
Bio-Hazard Labels


Asset Management
Pooling Labels


Safety / Warning
Informative Labeling


Safety / Warning
Informative Labeling

Veteran Polymers Executive Shares Thoughts on Disruptive Fusion Label Technology from Polyfuze

Edward Trueman

Former Chairman / CEO JER Exvirotech / Sintex Composites

P&L Portfolio with Global business acumen in advanced polymer, composites, elastomer manufacturing. Career revenue generation in excess of $1.2B USD. Product development expertise in Aerospace, Oil-Gas, Automotive, Heavy Truck, AG, Mass Transit, Medical. Expertise in new technology introductions, Carbon Fiber, Graphene, Thermoset and thermoplastics chemistry.

The Origin of Polyfuze

Poly (Polymer) + Fuze (Fusion) = Polyfuze

In 1983, after 8 long years of development in his garage, Michael John Stevenson invented Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology that changed how polyolefin products would be decorated for years to come. His first company, Mold In Graphic Systems, continues to serve the rotational molding industry for many of the worlds kayak brands, Yeti Coolers and several more. In 2012, in support of customers from Automotive, Medical, Defense and other industries; teaming up with Injection, Thermoforming and Blow molding partners, Mike re-purposed the technology and began Polyfuze Graphics Corporation. As a proud family run “Made In The U.S.A” company serving customers around the globe, implementing Six Sigma/Lean Transformation, achieving UL and ISO 9001 Certifications, Polyfuze is ready to meet the needs of the worlds strong and growing economies