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Polymer Fusion Technology from Polyfuze maximizes process efficiencies with labeling solutions that surpass even the most extreme performance and durability standards.

Roughly 50% of the world’s plastic consumption (368 million metric tons in 2019) utilizes polyolefin thermoplastics (such as polyethylene and polypropylene) in the manufacture of durable products, parts and components.

Hundreds of Millions of durable products and components are manufactured every day of polyolefins specifically for their vast performance advantage over other materials.

Not only are polyolefins more durable and environmentally impervious than other materials, they are lighter, safer and less expensive while meeting earth-friendly recyclability standards once they reach their end of life use.

However, the same properties that make olefinic materials so versatile also make them problematic
for common “adhesion-based” labeling technologies available today (e.g. pressure-sensitive adhesive, in-mold, hot stamp foil, heat transfer, silk screen
and more).

Problems include complications during initial label applications that are further exasperated once that label is subjected to harsh environments and chemicals found when encountering real world utilization.

Polymer Fusion Technology from Polyfuze solves application process and long-term viability issues permanently by giving manufacturers a simple, versatile solution that surpasses the most extreme environments and industry standards.

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