A Brief History On Flexible Plastics Call for New Standards In DecorationA Brief History On Flexible Plastics

Call for New Standards In Decoration

Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, Clarkdale, AZ

Stretching The Limits of Plastics Decorating

The decoration of plastics has been stretched to its limits over the course of history. We have seen the progression of decorating methods for injection molded plastics change from a slower manual process, to a machine and assembly line driven method. As machine assembly lines approach true efficiency and the speeds needed for profitable production, we can't help but notice a critical flaw. Why aren't the limits of plastic decorating being stretched?

To help answer this question we must look at the history of different plastic materials. We must examine what current methods are being used for decorating and the challenges that other methods face. Polyfuze Graphics® are stretching the science of permanent labeling on flexible olefins to a whole new level.

This article will:

  1. Describe a brief history on plastic materials and other methods of decoration.
  2. Examine the challenges faced when decorating flexible plastics.
  3. Reveal the differences between other decorating methods and the Polyfuze Graphics® labeling technology.
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